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Some ramblings about food, fun, and starting a small cafe on the Gold Coast

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It started with a name

June 20, 2019

We decided we wanted to start a cafe, but not be branded as only a `cafe’ rather our name to represent so much more. Hours were spent brainstorming coffee themed names, humorous puns, trying to match names with logos and invent something unique. Chai me out, Chai our grind, Hungry munchkin, short tamp, angry tamper, muffin tops, frothed to name a few.

Little spoon was something that had special meaning to us, and also fit well with a cafe. The website domain wasn’t taken, we could think of some simple logos and graphics to support the branding, so it was settled.

We ran the name by our family and friends, they didn't hate it.

Some of the key features we wanted in our cafe were home-style food, made in-house and classic favourite recipes, which means a fully fitted out kitchen. We decided upon Little Spoon Kitchen. We were no-longer being limited to regular cafe services but could one day expand into functions, catering, dining.

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